Friday, September 19, 2014

The Cavalcade Of Schlock is dead, long live...something? Else?

Decided to kick this up again. Basically minus the movie reviews, that's what letterboxd is for. No wonder I was rarely ever here.

Trying to figure out what to change the name to. "The Cavalcade Of Schlock" was my old, geocities-age movie-review website, dating back to when there weren't a lot of them, at least not so many focused on genre movies. Time went on and I lost interest and geocities itself went the way of the wax cylinder.

Got an email. Some other group of people out there with similar schlocky interests had their own site called The Cavalcade Of Schlock. It may even still be up and running. Somebody there reached out to me and half-apologized, half-"well isn't that funny!"'d.

I wasn't sure how to respond. It felt like they were using my name, but not like how I'd feel if there was some other "Tyrannorabbit" out there. It's not like the name "Cavalcade Of Schlock" was something I was still using, and it's not like it was something that ever did (or ever would) make me money. Hell, when people mentioned it to me, not a goddamn one of them got the name right. That is not the mark of a good name.

So I figure, they're welcome to it, I'm happy to leave it behind. It's all cool.

But what am I going to call this now? Needs another name. I'll sleep on it. I've tentatively tried and failed to change it. I'm still re-figuring this out.


Oh, neat thing today. For the first time since Enemies Of Reality in 2003, I took my first listen to a new album by laying back in the dark and listening to it on headphones. Why this one? It's been long awaited.

Braindance's 2002 album Redemption may not be the best album of its day but it was the one that, more than any other, felt specifically tailored just for me, and in the years since more than any other album of the 21st century, it just feels like mine. I have never known anybody I would feel confident recommending this band to. And that's okay, I don't much evangelize on these things.

A couple of years later, they announce that they're working on a new album, Master Of Disguise. I'm excited. They work on this for a while, and I check their site about weekly for updates. In 2006, their site promises that it'll be ready by fall. Fall came and went. In early 2007, their site slightly amends that comment, saying it'll be ready by THAT fall. That fall came and went. I'm still checking that site about weekly. In early 2008, the statement on their site now says guaranteed to be in your hands by the end of the year.

I got in touch with them - not to nag, but to ask that when the album is ready, that I can get an interview for a piece in Unrestrained!, the magazine I was writing for at the time. Whichever member it was who wrote back was into it. All good.

End of the year came and went, and any promise of a release date is removed from the site. At this point they're basically just saying, "Working on it!"

So, that was early 2009. Every week I checked that site. Adrian died - Unrestrained! went with him. 2010, 2011, 2012...every week. No update.

It occurs to me that these non-materializing albums that actually get titles are way more heartbreaking than the ones that don't.

2013, 2014, every week, until HOLY SHIT.

Site's revamped, album's ready. I immediately drop a stupid amount of money on that CD, the kind of money I do not ever spend on CD's and haven't in at least ten years. CD finally gets here. As you might imagine, I'm pretty excited about it, but trying to keep my expectations down to earth. made a very good first impression, on headphones in the dark, happy to say. Kudos to Braindance for not losing the magic. I still don't know who I would try to turn on to this. But maybe that's a good sign.


  1. Take 2...nice to see you back, though it's a shame there won't be any more movie reviews (if I'm reading you correctly). I always thoroughly enjoyed them.

  2. Thank you. Actually I do still write reviews, I just do it at, probably a little less sarcastic, but almost as many of them now as I had on the old site.